Sanyo new (16/10/40) CD-Writers

I just posted the article Sanyo new (16/10/40) CD-Writers.

The latest Sanyo writers !

The CRD-BP4 is SCSI-3 CD-RW drive featuring a Half-height form factor that enables you to write/rewrite 640MB of CD-ROM data with the world’s fastest…

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Wou! What speed but can it make good copyes? Speed is so fast that cdr`s are not make to so fast speed! Can it read Subchanneldata or data from audio tracks?

The new philips silver premium cdr-80 are already 16x writeable…

When I read audio to disk with my DvD drive at about 15 speed, it doesn’t sound so good. Doesn’t audio sound really bad when burned at 16x?

it aint so much when u write it but if you have a scratched cd when u read it you cant really go 8X

wow this is quick. i have a 4,4,32 writer myself, it burns a cd in 15 mins, that is ok for me but then i dont hav much cash,

yeh ok then im lustful…

from your harddisk you can always burn at the fastes speed. but don’t do it with audio, some audio cd players have problems with it, don’t go higer than about 8 speed orso.

If you want to do ‘on the fly’ copies, it depends ont he disk to read and the cdreader. The cdreader must be fast enough. And the master must be clear of dust and scratches, otherwise you read and you can a slow read speed… i can copy almost all disk on 10 speed on the fly with nero with a extra buffer (on hdd) of 20 mb. If there is a hard to read sector on the disk those 20 mb will it not go cause a buffer under run.

damn what do i have bad english.

Wow o)

Kewl speed!! But who needs it? My “new” Plex 12 speed is good enough for me

Wow 16x write but with a 2mb/4mb buffer! Now thats not good! This burn-proof thingy better be good or the owner of that writer is gonna pay more money 4 cds than what the writer actually costs!

I burn at 12 speed on the fly no problem with plex reader and writer with nero 5

The Yamaha 16/10/40 has an 8 mb buffer! Klone cdr’s are approved for 16x according to a spokesman from American Digital {}. btw, this web sight really rocks.

If sanyo releases a 16 speed drive , plextor will follow , 'cause plextor buys is goods from sanyo .

Ultra Speed is good But, can it do the job?
Clone Compatible? Yamaha had made a 16X before Sanyo but it was not 100% Clone friendly. Power with out Control means Noting!

Speed is useless without the knowledge! I have a plextor 12x and i write on the fly with any disc inc. audio at 12x, no probs here. Writes in under 5 mins on average. I wont be getting anything better till a 20x is out.

Agreed, everyone with the Plex 12 will not be upgrading, but for those of us who are burning as I type this…at 2x, the new 16x generation sure does look good. I hope Plex releases a 16x soon, or I’ll be getting the Yamaha. I’d like to buy before 1 Jan 2001.