Sanyo introduces system to store 1.4 GB to a CD-R

I just posted the article Sanyo introduces system to store 1.4 GB to a CD-R.

CDRLabs reports that Sanyo has posted information on their website that announces a technology called HD Burn. HD in this stands for High Density and allows consumers to store up 1.4 GB data on a…

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When will this be available?

Supposedly it will be introduced on the CRD-BPDV2. That drive will be available in January 2003.

Check out this picture for list of companies supporting it:

One word… Why? Get a DVD burner.

Hmm… think about it. You have a DVD burner (thats what this new drive is) and you only have about 1.2GB of data to burn. In the past this would be too big for a CD, but its sort of a waste to burn only 1.2GB onto a DVD. A DVD costs what? $1-$5 a pop? A CD is like what 25 cents? See where this is going? The one shortcoming is backwards compatibility with readers. its not like you can take these discs and read them in your PC’s CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives.

Don’t you get better quality material recording onto a DVD? I mean, if I had a choice to pick high quality audio and video, why the hell wouldn’t I pick a DVD instead of a CD? Besides that, how many current CD players would be able to read a high density CD anyway? Probably not very many, if any at all. See where THIS is going? Compatibility…

Would love DVD but it’s still cost to much and CD-r’s are still free after rebate every week:) DVD will come of age but a $65? 48x burner that can burn 1.4 gigs of data onto free cd-r’s sounds great to me:)

forget compatibility. it’d be nice, but for personal archiving (cough, cough,) this is greeeeaaaaattt. 1.4 GBs on a CD-R that costs 7-9% of a single 4.7GB DVD? can’t beat that. that’s 2-3 bucks (Canadian) for about 4GBs. and it’d would be probably cheaper here in Canada. :wink: even if it only worked on my HD burner for now, at least I could store that much for that cheap. besides, i’m betting they burn faster than a DVD.

AAAAHHHHhhhh SHIT !!! and I just bought a LTR48 and a stack of 99min cdrs…:7

I wonder if I’ll be able to flash my Lite-On to HD:+