Sanyo has WSES equivalent for theirs

just in case you didn’t know, Sanyo Japan has their own UM Doctor and UM Doctor Pro (5000 & 50000 Yen) for sale in Japan that will work with these drives to pull out and display C1/C2 graphs:


I think it was mentioned in another thread I can’t find right now that someone said WSES was the only program he knew of that could do these graphical tests cheap/free.

UM Doctor is not free or cheap at all.

And guess what cdrinfo are using for their “reviews”…


Well, thanks for the heads up guys! Can’t read Japanese all that well yet, so I missed that complex part about licensing and being a Japanese registered entity. ,)

In any case, WSES does work well with the Bestbuy BusLink 48x12x48 boxed drive that’s actually a 48x24x48 drive inside (or really, a Liteon LTR - 48246S).