Sanyo develops new laser for 54 GB dual-layer Blue-ray discs

I just posted the article Sanyo develops new laser for 54 GB dual-layer Blue-ray discs.

According to the website is Sanyo developing a new blue-violet laser for dual-layer
Blue-ray discs. While there is still no real standard for the blue ray laser

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54 GB is not enough space :slight_smile:
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What do they mean “High Radiation Power”?? Will they be selling the drives complete with a RAD Suit? :g

On a serious note, this format needs to be ~50gigs, if not ~100gigs to become a more usable format as it would easily replace tape drives, which currently max out at 100gig WITHOUT compression.

I am seeing this as a replacement of the harddrive. 54gigz is sweet! I think in no time they will have pulled more room from those lasers! Very promising.

54 GIGS is great!!! As they say above its not a standard yet so Im sure they’re going to keep increasing it. I remeber talk about blue going as higher as 100 gigs two years ago when it still proto. Now its approaching reality. Cant wait… Anyone remeber the talk on FD-ROMs Whatever became of that?

Thats bigger than my current harddrive. :c

If it’s going to be seen as a replacement for the hard drive it must have some serious seek times, access times and transfer rates for it to be even considered as such :B My 120Gb Barracuda HD is enough for now :S

What would a non pirate need with this?:slight_smile: Replacing a tape based backup unit would be nice. $12,000.00 worth of mp3 files on a Disc that will cost $1. ($0.99 each mp3 track) a MP3 player that holds 6months of music? I got me a feeling the DMCA will make something like this useless. The music business will never let something like this happen they are weeks away from door to door searches and amending the US. constitution making piracy treason. :stuck_out_tongue:

holy crap, i didnt think anyone else remember about the fd-rom’s haha, that was what, 2 years ago? Ahh, 54 gigs sounds nice, cant wait for that to make my dvd-rw fade away. The bad thing is that they will have to make blue cheap for the general public, and that i would say will take 6 months. humm…6 months eh? So by the time i get back, i can afford it. =)

Who’d need DVD2One or DVD95Copy then…full DVD backups…and more than one movie per disc too.

Yeah, think of the possibilities. If there was a re-writable disk - this could quite easily (as Hypnosis4U2NV said) replace the common HDD. But saying that - you’d then need a couple of drives if you wanted to use this as a burner - but I’m sure an internal HDD type device could be adapted using this technology. :*

With technology like this, one could back up their entire DVD collection on one disc using DivX, Xvid, etc. :wink: I backed up 83 albums (128kbps VBR OGG) on to one DVD-R and some people would not believe me until I popped it into their DVD-ROM drive. Seeing this, they will need to do some good promotions & advertising with Blue-ray discs to convince people to go for it and which Blue-ray brand to go for, as with DVD+ and DVD- formats.

I was gona buy a DVD-RW , but maby I should wait to the BlueRay-RW :d hehe… burning in 2x BlueRay speed :d that would be sweet. If I’m correct this new media ( BlueRay duh ) would take loonger time to inplant to the market then the DVD(-+)RW have… DVD-RW has been out for some time, but due to + and - standards many have not gotten a DVD-burner yet … BlueRay will only have more standards … in DVD-burning we had 2 … in BlueRay burning we may have 3-4 standards … this way it will take even loonger to inplant it in the market :frowning: … if they only could decide for one standard , and make it so.
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Does it really matter at this point if they are developing it? The consumer such as us will not see the likes of this for at least a few years and by then, they will have developed something else that is even better. R&D in some of these bigger companies have/get buckets of money to develop something bigger and better so they can be on top of the market. I would think that something like this would be geared towards the movie industry in which they could place uncompressed audio/video and use it to show movies for the best picture and sound quality possible. Jeez, the market still sells 650MB blank CDs and I have been buying them for 5+ years. I have yet to see the 99 minute CDs in any store here in the US. I think they should start working on getting the 10GB single layer DVD blanks to us consumers and stop worrying about about different color lasers. Does anyone remember back in 1993 when IBM was working on holographic storage and promised it would be available in 2002? This will be in the same catagory. It will be cheaper to buy your hard drive(s) in a year or so in the terabyte range, so I would just wait for that. That’s my 2 cents.

********************************** On a serious note, this format needs to be ~50gigs, if not ~100gigs to become a more usable format as it would easily replace tape drives, which currently max out at 100gig WITHOUT compression. ********************************* Tape drives do not max out at 100GB. They max out at 500GB SAIT. But still 54Gb is nice. // swede_242