Sanyo CRD-BP2 (Burnproof!) review



I just posted the article Sanyo CRD-BP2 (Burnproof!!) review.

CDRInfo has put up one of the first reviews online of the Sanyo CRD-BP2. This recorder is the first device that uses the Burnproof technology. With this technology it is impossible to run in to…

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Wow dit is lekker, ff full capacity uit burner hale zonder vrees voor coasters; dat dit maar vlug geperfectionaliseerd word en alle features heeft van RAW en overburning dan kan ik misschine eraan denke om me writer te vervange


I wonder what an idiot someone should be to write such a review. In what way this is a “fantastic drive”!!! No RAW, no overburning, not so great dae/data performance, problems reading cdrs, not a comment on its endurance, and he says that this is a fantastic drive???
As for burnproof, I have been burning at 4x, 8x and 12x and never had a coaster (till the drives broke), so all this sounds like nothing more than marketing hype. Maybe the cdrinfo webmaster wanted to thank Sanyo for the drive they gave him, cause Sanyo is not what we would exactly call “a top manufacturer”, at least in my list.