Sanyo CRD-BP1600 fimrware question



I have a question relating the firmware used in the Sanyo CRD-BP1600. It’s an old CD writer (I think from 2000 or 2001, don’t know exactly). I bought the device as a drive from Freecom (the name of the drive was “Freecom 32x10x40x”). Because I found no firmware, I wrote an email to freecom and they told me, that it is a Sanyo CRD-BP1600. Then I found the firmware. But there are two version: 4.39 and 2.45. The 4.39 was originally on the drive, when I bought it. But on the official Sanyo page is the 2.45 listed. I flashed the 2.45 because it was the newest original firmware and I thought the 4.39 was some “special version” from Freecom.
My question is: Does anybody know the drive and can tell me, which of these both firmwares I schould use? Becuase it’s really confusing if you have two newest versions and don’t know which one to use… :smiley:
AFAIK the 2.45 is released later than 4.39, but I’m not sure… Also, I don’t know if the 4.39 is from Sanyo or from Freecom… (but it seems it’s from Freecom)
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


The order they are placed in, suggests the the 4.39 is at the level of the 2.41 - Can you read Czech?

Looks like 2.41 may have been released to OEM’s, perhaps becoming 4.39 for some daft reason?

2.43 - something to do with XP support?

Looks like 2.45 IS the latest, or are they suggesting the TDK Cyclone firmware?

I got Intertran to do it, BUT:
Probably to dají avail as well as firmwary since TDK CyClone 321040
That last line doesn’t make much sense

The other two are handled a little better, but not much!

CRD-BP1600P 2.45 bin 30.08.2002 (143 kB) Ameliorations packetový write in, optimalizován write in within CD-RW recording medium Multi Speed: MBI, SKC; High Speed: Negotiates, SKC.
CRD-BP1600P 2.43 bin 17.05.2002 (150 kB) Support Windows XP.


You are right, the 2.43 brought XP Support (only improvment was that XP recognizes it as a CD-RW burner and not just as a CD drive under My Computer).
Thanks for the Link, but I don’t understand Czech. But… I found a good online dictonary. And the text behind 4.39 means “No Changes known”. :bigsmile:
The text behind 2.41 means something like “the 4.xx series are probably for OEM versions”.
As I bought the drive with 4.39 Windows XP didn’t recognize it as CD-RW, so that means that the 2.45 definitely is the newer one.
Now I finally know, that I am using the right firmware.
Thanks again. :slight_smile:

edit: Oh, sorry, didn’t saw that you edited the post. :bow: :bigsmile:

edit2: The last means something like “Probably you can use the firmware from the TDK drive”