Sanyo announces 12x DVD+R LSI chipset

I just posted the article Sanyo announces 12x DVD+R LSI chipset.

Sanyo has announced a new LSI
chipset, the LC897491, which supports 12x DVD+R, 8x DVD-R, 8x DVD±RW, 52x
CD-R and 32x CD-RW write speeds. The chipset also supports Sanyo’s HD-BURN…

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If the new Plextor is going to use this chipset, why doesn’t it future the same specs??? This chipset can do much more than what Plextor is going to “allow” on the 712

Maybe because a drive is more than just a chipset :wink: IE you need the PUH, mechanics etc. to support the faster speeds too and including some features also mean extra licensing costs and make the firmware more complex.

WOW!!! the next plexi that has this chipset… IM SOLD!!!

For those of you who don’t want to try and swim through a babelfish translation, I’ve posted mine: TechJapan link

Interesting zmcnulty, your translation only lists DVD±RW as 4x, not 8x as above. So which is it on RW media, 4x or 8x? I’m so confused! :slight_smile:

Hey DamnedIfIKnow, The article I translated says the following: DVD}RW 4”{‘¬ Meaning “DVD}RW 4x”

OK Damned, I have an update for you: At the time I wrote my article, Sanyo didn’t have an official press release posted on their page. They do now: (here, in Japanese, it says 8x DVD±RW. I’m trusting the official release.) The discrepancy arose in the source. The [B]PC[/B] Watch article I translated clearly says 4x. The [B]AV[/B] Watch article that CDfreaks got their news from says 8x, which turned out to be right :slight_smile: Sorry for the confusion! I’ve updated my article to reflect this change.

Thanks for clearing that up zmcnulty. Now anyone know when we are going to see 8x DVD-RW capable dirves and more importantly, 8x DVD-RW media?

Bah humbug… If I hear about drives that are better or faster than 8x, I want to hear some dual layer support! I haven’t made the jump to a DVD burner yet, but I figure if I am, might as well wait 3 more months and get a Plextor with dual layer support.