Sanyo announce 16x burner

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Sanyo is the first company to release a 16x burner; just a couple of days after Yamaha anounced their plans to release a 16x burner. Sanyo introduced both a IDE as an SCSI…

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Where can I buy one!!!


16X wow now if we could get atleast 12X reliable media.what good is the speed if your burning coasters?
a coaster in 2min yippy

jack trie to check the list of supported media at .
no coasters here…

Mwahahahah stop ist please … in my calculations a 16xburner is just 2 minute faster than a 12x. So shut the fuck up yamaha & sanjo … nobody is going to buy your drives … or at least im not going to do so !!!!!!!! Im very saisfied with my PW124TS.

My Calculation is very simple and may be wrong … but here are my thought about it :

A normal CDR can hold 74 min of audo data … if i play / write it at 12x speed the process would last (74:12=6,16666…) around 6 min`s … +1,5 min for the leadin & leadout …

A 16 x burner burns a CDR in (74:16=4,625) 4,6 mins +1,5 mins for leadin & leadout …