Santas Sack

I’ve been a good girl all year and I want lots of money!!! £££££

Whats in Santas Sack for you this xmas?

Mostly bills,creditcard payments etc :doh:

Yes, but what would you like? - if you could have anything!

DEFINITLY less of ^ but that would make less christmas gifts for my love´s…but if I could have exactly what I want then I would like:

PEACE on Earth!:iagree:

Peas On Earth? :slight_smile:

i just want a better christmas than last years…
and oh yeah a few good men might could fit in that sack as well…
Hemi and Mr B …Taxman …and toss in gene and Airhead …and Debro and slayer…that should be enough to get started with…any more than that would be most excellent…

Now that’s just greedy! :wink:

I’d really like a Wii, but won’t get one until next year so they have time to find out what the bugs are and improve them.
Other than that… I’d like a surprise :iagree:


I [I]really[/I] want a S_S under my tree-eh!!! :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Not sure. I already had my main Christmas present (my PC), so…lots and lots of blank media and a spare Samsung SH-S182D. :bigsmile: