Santa is

It’s that time of year again … for shops to deck the halls with tons of specials, Santa Claus clones to crawl out of the drunken unemployed depression they’ve resided for the last 11 months, and cute, but money strapped teenage girls to dress up in funny hats & usher children towards the old pervs legs.

So what’s your opinion on Santa Claus? What do you think Santa Claus is?

Santa is real. He told me himself last year while i was sat on his lap. :iagree:

This is November, mmm’kay?!

So please don’t start with the xmas decorations just yet. :wink:

A 6ft tall woman wearing red lacie undies saying, ‘im gonna be your ho ho ho this year big boy’ as she comes ‘down the chimney’

Now THATs christmas lol.