Santa DVD Problems

I have been having problems when burning dvd’s now for quite some time,normally I use DivX and burn avi’s directly for viewing over a DivX Machine,but for my daughters dvd I have to format and burn as dvd.

As I said I was having burning problems but after I downloaded the latest Windows Media Player it seemed as things were working better but I still get a “buffer underun error” on Nero and on Santa DVD it burns the disks till about 95% and then freezes.

Is there any program which can check if my settings and/or media files are ok or is there something else I can do?

Naturally I am a newbie to all this.

Thanks for your help!!

Try Dvdfab

also try RipIt4Me or combo Nero+DVDShrink.

When Nero is burning, do the drive buffers visibly empty during the burn? This can be a sign that your hard drive is very fragmented or full, so the program can’t collect the data fast enough and output it to the burner.

For checking this, there’s a month’s free trial of O & O Defrag that will analyse the hard disk and show you the level of drive fragmentation.

Could be indicating the same problem.

What is the speed-rating of blank DVDs that you are using, and what speed are you actually burning them at?