Santa Claus ditches sleigh for internet



I just posted the article Santa Claus ditches sleigh for internet.

Source: Yahoo

Okay!!! You are right…it’s off-topic…so what

Santa Claus may be a great man of tradition.

But these days even the symbol of Christmas for millions of…

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Verdomme, ben ik de enige hier die CDfreaks bezoekt in de middag? Hebben jullie nerds geen vakantie ofzo??

Ehmm, Santa Rulez! He’s probably gonna bring me a 12X plexwriter, and if I have been really nice this year, there will also be a Deskjet840 under the christmas tree. Oh denneboom oh denneboom, wat zijn je(…) wonderschoon…etc.

Can’t you all just feel the Christmas spirit here at CDfreaks??


Nee hoor, je bent niet de enige.