Sansa Clip Plus - FLAC support

I have a Clip & like it a lot. However, seems to supprt only level 2 compression for FLAC. Thinking of a Clip Plus if it supports a higher level of FLAC compression. Anyone know if it does?

I used to have a Rockboxed Sansa that played flacs at every level(compression) if I recall…Not that I had the player loaded with needless lossless tracks…It was more (just to see if they played correctly) and to test battery consumption, since AFAIK, the bigger the file means more work for the decoder, equals less battery life…Why on earth would I carry along a bunch of flacs which I store(archive) for [I]portable[/I] listening?.Based on my own listening test(s) as well as many other peeps, most cannot tell/hear the difference(s) between a lossless file and a high quality (~192kbps and higher), [I]sometimes[/I] even a lower quality mp3…
Hut hey, to each their own, since none of us share ears right!..:wink:
Sorry can’t help u with the clip…:cool: