SanDisk Titanium Cruzer, 2GIG, $37 delivered

This is actually cheaper than the 1Gig model, and Titanium as well. Act fast, they are going like hotcakes.

$41 shipped to my ZIP.

Did you select the “FREE Super Saver Shipping” option, it should have been $36.99.

If you go back to the order you should be able to change it and save the extra charge.

Why not get 4 gigs for the same price?
Ends today @ costco

It’s not Titanium but that is a decent price for 4GB in a plastic drive.

Staples had this one 2 weeks ago for $29.99 with $10 coupon you would only end up paying $19.99 for 2 GB Scandisk flash drive.

Given that none of these U3 drives seem to work with Vista, I am not surprised that they are dumping old inventory before the word gets around. Just so anyone interested is aware, the Titanium has a different read/write speed as well as the metal case. It works out to be around 50-60% faster.

Too bad the Staples price was missed.

Kingston U3 drives are the only ones I’ve found that work with Vista. Glad I grabbed a pair of 1GB ones for $4.99 AR last week!

The new Sandisk Contour to be released later this month has the updated firmware which will allow U3 to work with Vista. The fix for the existing Sandisk drives will be released at year end.

Ugh… Year end??? At least they’ve announced something though. Memorex doesn’t even address Vista, and Verbatim indicated they’d have an update by Mid-February, but we’re a month past that now, and they haven’t even bothered to update their web site info.

Couldn’t you just get rid of U3 if you didn’t want it? I assume the drive would then work fine with Vista.

Assuming you have another computer running XP or something, you should be able to run SanDisk’s U3 removal tool.

Yeah, but most folks who spend extra $$$ for a U3 vs. a plain drive want to be able to use it. Also, you don’t need to remove the U3 software, since it will function like a regular USB drive, as long as you don’t have a password set.

And you can re-install it if you want to. I have done it

Pleasant surprise; I ordered the drive and it has shipped. The price has dropped by $3 and I figured I would have to do some real sweet talking to get Amazon to credit me. After all, as good as even Newegg is, when the order is done, the price is locked.

I was amazed to find that Amazon automatically will give you any credit for a price reduction for [I]30 days[/I]. It is only $3 but it is a nice touch from Amazon.

if you dont need the shiny titanium casing, the retractable sandisk thumb drives are on sale at staples, check out ripit weekly ad post for this week. You get the 2 gig for I think $29.99, might be less, I saw the price but forgot how much it is, you can refer to ripit’s post. And 4 gig is for $49.99

Anyone know of a site other than portableappsdotcom for open source flash drive apps. Preferably, U3 apps…

Both of these are decent. The second is huge and much more than just portable. Search with “portable” and you get 1200 +.

It was $25 at Staples. My guess is they will drop even more, Amazon usually is very sensitive to price fluctuation.

The price just dropped to $30.