SanDisk ships first 32 GB MicroSD card

SanDisk ships first 32 GB MicroSD card.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Deep-pocketed mobile phone owners will soon be able to carry more photos, music and videos on their devices with SanDisk's 32 GB MicroSD card.

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$200? That’s crazy. I’m sure people can use the extra memory with all the movies/music we download, but that’s pretty steep. I hope Samsung gets into the fray and helps drive down that price to, say, $100.

I beat it like it owes me money.

I wouldn’t mind having one of those for my Sansa Fuse. About $25 would be a nice price :slight_smile:

When i buy this my phone will be worth $250! :slight_smile:

Get a small loan and pay it back monthly like you would paying your mobile phone bill, which would probably work out at ~$25 / month over a year. :slight_smile:

It’s surprising how many people fall for the “free” iPhone contracts not realising they are effectively paying off the cost of the phone in the hefty monthly plan, plus a generous profit margin to the mobile provider.

Seems like alot of money for a Class 2 card.

[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2503841]When i buy this my phone will be worth $250! :)[/QUOTE]Hehe - but unfortunately, this phone only supports up to 8 GB :bigsmile:
(Like mine, at least according to the specs)