Sandisk SDMX1 Firmware Editing?

Ok…I’ve TRIED to go ahead and look around for any Sandisk 1gb MP3 player firmware editing articles, but it just wont give me anything! Well, as says, its a Sandisk player, and I already have an idea on how to do this, which is with a hex editor, but when it shows up, all it shows is a bunch of gibberish. Well that part is actually normal, since it IS a program and such and wont just give you code or plaintext, but how do I interpret correctly the font characters? I sucessfully found the hex location for the alphabet, and I do have an idea of how the software works (list of words, variables just fill in the blanks with list contents depending on language, e.g. English= list 1, Chinese= list 2.), but How do i display the font set right?