SanDisk SD card writes once, never again



SanDisk SD card writes once, never again.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Taking some photos or audio that you really, really don't want tampered with? Consider SanDisk's WORM, an SD card whose data supposedly can't be erased, edited or over-written.

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For the consumer level, a disposable flash camera is usually adequate, such as having one in a glove box in case of a car accident.

For holidays, my mother uses the traditional film approach where each time a card is full, she write-protects it and buys a new card. This may sound like an expensive approach, but it’s worth noting that one or two SD cards (e.g. 4GB or 8GB) used on holiday still cost a tiny fraction of even the cheapest holiday, never mind the printing costs. Since the first digital camera in our household (~2002) we only ever had a single memory card fail, which was a generic (no-name) SD card that was in constant use in an MP3 player. However, we had countless recordable CDs and DVDs degrade since then, including discs properly stored away. Of course, my mother copies all her photos to the PC, but if any go missing, the SD cards are effectively the negatives equivalent. :slight_smile:

Besides the police force, another good use for WORM SD cards would be professionals who build walls, extensions, carry out repair jobs or any who need to take photographic evidence as part of their job. I remember seeing a TV programme mentioning that a disposable or Polaroid camera is vital for taking before and after shots such that a rogue customer cannot suddenly complain about damage, a fault, etc. that was not caused by the builder.


Interesting concept, but yeah, it doesn’t seem very useful for regular consumers.


Sean makes a good point about people working in the trades. I am a general
contractor. I take pictures on most jobs for the benifit of all involved. My
customers and I enjoy having before and after documentation. And on a
thankfully small number of occassions, such pictures have helped settle
billing disputes and lawsuits more quickly.

While I have never had the authenticity of my pictures questioned, nor do I know
any contractors who have, WORM cards would give me extra peace of mind.
I would use them IF they were reasonably priced.