Sandisk’s 200GB MicroSDXC card now available, much cheaper than expected



We’ve just posted the following news: Sandisk’s 200GB MicroSDXC card now available, much cheaper than expected[newsimage][/newsimage]

A 200GB SD card that Sandisk demonstrated during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in March is now available and for a price that’s much lower than expected.

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great!, price it higher than an SSD drive and see how many buyers there are…
only a fool would buy at these sky high prices, even the 128gb cards are 3x the price of a 64gb card…
Time to snap these companies back to reality! Charging more than $1 per gb is crazy and should be far less by now, even for sd memory.


It’s a tiny card, likely with low yields from the manufacturing plant. The manufacturing process is in its infancy for these larger cards, and reaching this point was likely a struggle (else, we’d have had 256 GB instead). Why would they price a card this capacious at a point where they would have to eat the costs of development? And why would they price it so low that they ended up completely selling out of limits batches of early stock? Never mind that they probably expect this to be a low volume part for quite some time, compared to cards in the 8 to 32 GB range.

Like every technology, prices will come down after some manufacturing optimizations, after demand is shown to be high enough (and sustainable), and after other companies catch up.


The R&D costs are really not that astronomical. These advances have been years in the making and been sat upon for years as well, waiting for the time when they can “cash in”. Did anybody have a NEED for a 200gb flash card 3-4 years ago?? Standards wise, it would have been cart before the horse. Â Innovative portable devices made this marketplace for micro sdxc made this possible. It’s also possible that mfg’s making DDR memory have converted some lines to flash sd card production to keep DDR prices high too.Â