SanDisk releases 8GB Sansa Clip

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SanDisk today released the Sansa Clip 8GB MP3 player for a mere $99, hoping it catches the attention of athletes and other people who are on the go.
The Clip is about the same size as a book of…

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I have to give them a thumbs up here. Even though SanDisk is getting kicked pretty hard in the nads these days, they still manage to come out will a nice-looking product like this. It’s tiny (about the size of a book of matches), holds about 2,000 songs, has an FM tuner, and is priced at just 100 bones. Hey, anything that gives Apple a run for their money is good in my book.

I have a Sansa e280 and I love it. Plays video great and the navigation system is real nice - easy to use. I use this thing constantly and it has yet to break. Well made unit.

props to Sandisk for a decent player