SanDisk launches their smallest USB drive, the Cruzer Blade



SanDisk launches their smallest USB drive, the Cruzer Blade.

[newsimage][/newsimage]SanDisk has launched the Cruzer Blade flash drive, the company's smallest flash drive now available with four available storage capacities.

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It seems like the manufacturers keep making silly, little changes just to keep the spotlight on and drive the market. It’s smart on their part, if that’s their intention.

I don’t care about flash drives getting physically smaller. I just want the capacity to hold my stuff. The little changes like this don’t mean much, but at least they give us a reason to keep looking at new drives in a fairly saturated market.


“I honestly think regular sized USB flash drives are small enough, but can see the
market for even smaller drives.”

I am a member of that market :slight_smile:
And I’m sure I’m not alone. The flash drives I’m currently most fond of(PQI i810’s) are 1/3 the size of that monster and 1/2 the price. For those of us with USB car stereos, smaller is always better.