SanDisk launches 64 GB solid state drives (Press Release)

I just posted the article SanDisk launches 64 GB solid state drives (Press Release).

SanDisk® Corporation today expanded its line of solid state drive (SSD) products with the introduction of a 64-gigabyte (GB) SSD aimed at both enterprise users and early adopter consumers such as…

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Right on, now I can access my pr0n in 2 seconds instead of 7 seconds. Seriously though, I can’t wait till the price of these babies comes down. I play mostly demanding games like C&C 3 and this should help speed things up. :slight_smile: Hmm… I wonder how long XP would take to boot up with one of these. They must work with XP, right?

Windows XP is sort of like a DMV. Even in year 2280 when traveling from Los Angeles to New York will take 2 minutes, the DMV will still take 8 minutes to take your registration info. Windows XP will always take time, cause it takes time to load $hit up. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for these, my next power system will have one.

@ shuma02 What’s with all the negativity, man? :r

Just other OS people still pissed that cant game on their OS so they gotta demean Windows.

Oh… what a sad existence. :stuck_out_tongue:

No no. I am a Windows person, and I realize now that my post was probably funnier to me than to others. I just don’t think that solid state drives will improve Windows boot up all that much, it simply needs to take some amount of time to get it loaded. Plus I just don’t see what’s the hurry anyway. If you can’t spare the extra 10 seconds here or there…

@ shuma02 According to the reviews I’ve read, it improves bootup time significantly. And I think people are excited about this for numerous reasons, such as: Improved I/O speed (especially for gaming) Reduced power consumption (best option for notebooks) Eliminated noise (really, who likes noise?) Speaking for myself, I can’t wait to get one. However, I hope I can use it with XP since I’m in no hurry to beta-test the newest of Bill’s operating systems. :slight_smile: