SanDisk launches 4 USB flash drive lines, one up to 190MB/s



SanDisk launches 4 USB flash drive lines, one up to 190MB/s.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The flash memory storage leader SanDisk has launched its fastest, thinnest and highest capacity USB flash drives, with its new SanDisk Extreme capable of delivering up to 190MB/s.  For comparison, many competing USB 3.0 products deliver up to between 60MB/s and 100MB/s.  Its other ranges come in a several styles, up to 128GB.

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Sata series 1 is 150MB/s, series 2 is 300MB/s series 3 is 600MB/s

The potential of usb 3.0 (which most computers don’t have today) and adding it on would sacrifice a video card port to deal with the required througput, unless they found a way to utilize extra sata ports to get the bandwdith & THROUGHPUT necessary. This won’t become a gotta have until flash drives are affordable for the masses and can replace hard drives… in the multi-terabyte range for under $200. At some point, main hard drives will be ultra fast flash and storage (server) drives will be behemoth 8, 10, 15, 20 TB’ers. For now, you’re not going to need more than 1tb for your system drive for some time…


Sounds good to me.
USB Flash Drives aren’t meant to replace harddrives anyway, and USB 3.0 is standard in all new PCs.

My current fastest UFD (Silicon Power Blaze B10 32 GB) will read at 85-90 MB/s when connected via USB 3.0. :slight_smile:
It will only write at 20 MB/s, however, but it’s an inexpensive drive.


One of my USB flash drives can write at over 100MB/s, but only with large files.