Sandisk high-capacity USB 2.0 drives for cheap

Staples has the 128GB for sixty bucks.

RadioShack has the 60GB for thirty bucks.

Pretty much all the sellers of thumb drives are starting to dump the older USB-2 models. Verbatim and a couple others are on sale too.

The sad truth is that they are all slower than snail snot, making the larger capacities highly questionable for value. You’ll spend hours at filling one of these.

Yeah, this is also a bit of March madness (asian ?GANGNAM? style)… in years’ past some “DUMPING” of electronics or surplus manufacturing happens in the transition from Q1 to Q2…

Although a triple whammy of higher gas prices, higher taxes and lower incomes are going to halt consumer spending. So, even at cheap prices for poor quality products there might not be many takers. Could have to give it away (free after rebate) or cross promotion w/ other products.


Radio Shack has the 64GB for thirty bucks.

Thanks went and got this today.