SanDisk Cruzer USB2.0/4GB Can't get it to work,NEVER used one

I’ve had this SanDisk Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive,now for a few months.I’ve been on their website,phoned them,and various forums.BUT,I’m “new” to these,and What’s with the U3? I see it in Device manager,and it’s light is on.I’ve had it plugged in few days ,w/o removing it.Want to transfer music from My Library in Realplayer(sp).Can’t seem to figure it out.I’d also like to add photos from my Mustek Camcorder,I got as a gift recently.Suggestions please? Gracias’

Did you try to format the pendrive ? Maybe this will solve :slight_smile:


this device should show up with two drive letters in “My Computer”. One is a (read-only) CD-ROM (the U3 part), the other one is the storage drive, where you can put your stuff to.

Basic information about U3:

Perhaps this is your problem:

Basic test: Select a file or folder, right-click and then “send to”, where you select the drive that is offered.