SanDisk blames Vista for SSD issues



I just posted the article SanDisk blames Vista for SSD issues.

Solid State Disk manufacturers love to talk about how robust, energy efficient and fast their drives are when compared with traditional magnetic storage based hard disks. However, while SSDs…

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“… as Windows Vista is not optimised for flash memory based solid state disks…”

Is it optimised for anything, except DRM and filling M$ coffers?


Blame MS eceryone else does. I have no issues. :bigsmile:


Vista is definately not notebook friendly, all manufacturers of notebooks should supply XP pro as an option instead of Vista when ordering your new notebook.


Vista is not optimised for any hardware - it’s too bloated to run on high end systems even. Furthermore, pointing the finger at MicroCrap is a bit lame by Sandisk. Either they improve their SSD technology or use a decent *nix distro for testing instead.

I’m sick of companies thinking that the world revolves around MicroCrap and its flawed software products.


Microsoft (M$) gets blamed for this and then for that. They don’t have the greatest security cause it was not designed in from the start. However… they made it easy for people to use a computer. Unfortunately, this has made it to easy to bug. They have tried to implement security whilst still maintaining ease of use. This creates more problems …at times… than it fixes. I am a Linux user who also has uses for Windows cause there is some software in Windows that just can’t be beat … yet. The blame and name calling for all this virus crap shouldn’t be totally placed on M$ but on the writers of the virus crap. Greater punishment should be placed on them when they are caught instead of rewards of various big companies hiring them cause they are so “smart”. If M$ is so bad then why don’t you all just drop it and switch to Linux?? I’ll tell you why. Cause like I said in the beginning of this note… M$ made computing easy and Linux hasn’t gotten there yet. Mom and Pop don’t want to change and neither do a lot of businesses. They would all rather complain about M$ whose only really, large and big fault was making everything to easy and crooks took advantage of it. Linux was designed with security in mind from the start … and… it is harder to use … for most people. So why don’t we all lighten up on M$.