Sandisk announces faster 400GB micro-SD card - predecessor drops in price

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Sandisk has announced a new 400GB micro-SD card that should be able to achieve maximum sequential reads of 160MB/s. That is far more than the 400GB micro-SD card Sandisk announced last summer, this card was able to achieve maximum sequential reads of up to 100MB/s. The 400GB SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSD card is UHS-I U3…

Nice! Hopefully the price of the 250gb ones will drop significantly in price so that I can upgrade the one I use in my Fiio X1.


Real price is:
|Shipping & handling:|$0.00|
|Total before tax:|$199.99|
|Estimated tax to be collected:|$11.00|
|Order total:|$210.99|

$$ 210.99, I got it with discount for 215$$ just $5 smakers more. So the price they are telling you isn’t the whole story here. But well worth it for the Nintend Switch if your funds are there get it. Don’t go 200 or 256 get the full 400g and you won’t be sorry.