Sandisk announces 64 GB Wi-fi USB and Media Drive

We’ve just posted the following news: Sandisk announces 64 GB Wi-fi USB and Media Drive[newsimage][/newsimage]

Sandisk announced 64GB versions of its Connect Wireless Flash Drive and Media Drive.

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I guess setting up a shared folder on you system is must too hard. Trying to figure out how to use some $100 storage device that holds about the same add as 10-year-old HDD is a much smarter solution.

I have a drawer full of working USB portable hard drives ranging from 120gb to 500gb, most in eSATA enclosures that also have USB2.0 that work just fine.

and most of the time I run them as eSATA drives because it’s faster

I can’t imagine being so lazy as to be willing to suffer through
the slower data throughput of WiFi to a USB stick

Though I can see it being useful for additional storage without wires on a
tablet that lacks a USB port or microSD slot

A five buck cable will transfer data just as well, and at the same distances that these dongles will work at AND it will charge your phone while you’re doing it.
Works with ALL versions of Android and All OSs.

Shiney, Shiney, Shiney, must have new shiney. A solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.