Sandisk and Samsung SSDs, Secure-Erase via bootable CD/DVD?



ATM I have the possibilty to reserve two USB-sticks for the SE of these SSDs. I don´t need to SE every day, so I would prefer it on an optical-media and use my USB-sticks for other things.

Sandisk Dashboard only accept USB-Sticks, although in the manual was described how to use it with optical media.

Samsung, which secure-erase is mad much more worse than Sandisk also don´t have support for CD/DVD. In some versions I could choose CD-media ut get an error if I try to make a bootable CD for SE

Anyone have tipps for me how to make bootable optical media for Sandsik and Samsung?


If you can, and want to, you can get parted magic and burn the iso on a CD and do all the secure erase
directly fromt he CD. I dont have nay ideas on how to have samsungs magician and the sandisk utility
on a CD.


Thank you :slight_smile:

After reading your post I had the idea to look if Gparted (Free, parted Magic not) can do it also, and found this:

I will try it soon


I havent tried this, but its free so its a nice idea.