SanDisk 512MB USB Flash Drive $19.99 AR

The Rat Shack has a pretty good deal on something usefull
SanDisk® Cruzer™ Micro 512MB USB Flash Drive $39.99 - $20.00 MIR = $19.99

Many thanks. Just grabbed one from my local RS…

Am additional inducement for this deal. It looks like there may be an additional $10.00 rebate on this deal.
Drops the price to $9.99

Be wary of that. The cash register did print out both a $20 and a $10 rebate. The time frame of the 2 do overlap. However, the $10 one says “not valid with any other offer” and both require an original UPC.

Thanks for the tip pipemanid!! It’s about time to buy a new one for wifey since her 64mb lexar broke down yesterday and borrowed mine. :sad:

Notice that I said “MAY”. Check out the thread on Fatwallet for more info on this rebate. The Radio Shack rebate form requires either the original UPC or a copy. This is another one of the pitfalls with rebates.

Dam…!! you lot over the ocean seem to get all the best deals, as us in blighty get ripped off with VAT, ( rebate, it’s never heard of here )

You’re lucky that you don’t have rebates. I personally feel that they are a curse and a pure marketing ploy. The only reason we get good deals is that we have the largest consumption based economy in the world, unless you count the Chinese, and we do love to spend money.