SanDisk 2GB Ultra II SD $49.98
It only took a few minutes to go out of stock.Might come back in stock later…

Hmm lukewarm deal… has several 2 gb usb flash drives around that price or less.

Thats totally different.This is a SD memory card usually used in cameras…

Oops, sorry

You can get the Kingston 2 Gb SD for $45 after GC and shipping is free.

I think it should be the same as the Sandisk.

Edit: Its sold out too :slight_smile:

Kingston 2GB 50x: 8.2MB/sec read — 7.7MB/sec write
Sandisk 2GB Ultra II: Minimum of 10MB/second sequential read speed
Minimum 9MB/second sequential write speed

eh…i see sandisk now has an “extreme 3” that does 20MB/sec.whatever.

Here is Kingston 2GB for $24.99 Shipped, no Rebate @

For a digital camera to take pics the speed of the SD card does not matter. So get the cheapest you can. I got the SD 2 GB at Frys (great value for $25) after I ordered my Canon Powershot SD 800 IS :stuck_out_tongue:

what I really need is the memory stick micro M2. Damn Sony always uses proprietary component. I have a Sony Ericsson K800i and it uses memory stick micro, no1 has this card yet and I only found that has it, but I have to call to check availability and the biggest capacity they have is 1 gig. Sad Sad Sad

Fry’s Electronics had this one on sale two weeks ago for $29.99

You sure? The lowest I believe it’s been recently on Fry’s was $37.99.