Sandforce announce the SF-2000 SSD processor family



I just posted the article Sandforce announce the SF-2000 SSD processor family.

Sandforce have announced the SF-2000 SSD processor family.
The new SSD controller family will support SATA 6gbps, and also SAS interfaces.
The new controller will allow sequential read and write speeds of 500MB/s and 4K random read/write of 60,000 IOPS. In keeping with the current SF-1200 SSD controller used in SSDs such as the OCZ Vertex 2, the award winning Duraclass technology is used to enhance performance and durability.

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Thanks for the News Dee :slight_smile:
Very powerful controller :clap:


I can see the marketing people over at Intel HQ and Sandforce HQ.

On the 6th Intel at last announce the specifications for the new G3 SSD. Everyone at Intel HQ are really happy, at last they have an SSD that can get close to the Sandforce SF1200, close but still not as fast in some areas. But what the hell, we are Intel they say. Stick an Intel badge on something and people will buy it. Plus it is nearly as fast as Sandforce SF1200.

Over at Sandforce HQ on the 6th, they are also happy about the Intel press release. The G3 is not faster than SF1200. Plus they know what is coming on the 7th. :smiley:

On the 7th, Sandforce announce the SF2000 series. Over at Sandforce HQ they are over the moon.

Over at Intel HQ on the 7th, 90% of the Intel marketing people are crying, 9% have their heads in their hands :doh:, and the remaining 1% are contemplating suicide. :bigsmile:


I now know what my next SSD will be.


Well, SF2000 looks very impressive and I’m really happy with my SF1200 drive (Vertex 2) but the intel announcement was about more than performance improvement.
Their next SSD line includes double to triple capacities and 34 times the longevity in terms of TB of writes.
I know these are not related directly with the controller and theirs is still inferior to Sandforce, but their new products could be the first generation of SSD storage drives, depending on pricing, pretty important imo…