I use this program called Samurize and I think it’s very nice it displays info on your desktop and is totally customisable with scripts I currently use a config whitch shows me what’s on tv, how much cpu load, mem usage, free diskspace etc. Are anyone else here using this program and perhaps have some good configs to share.

Typical, is down and I want to play with samurize. Anybody know any other sites good for samurize-newbs? :slight_smile:

Samurize doesn’t work anymore. Precisly May 1 at 00:00 it said “this beta has expired, check
Now this beta (0,85b) was released 18th of march…
And is down…
Real smart devs I tell you.

Okay solution to the timer prob: set your date to 1st april, start samurize, change date to today (1st may).

psst airhead…is that legal?

It’s freeware! :slight_smile:

Now the samurize team has put up a note on their web page

Welcome to
The current version of Samurize has expired.
We added this time-limit so no old betas would circulate on the net.
We’ll release a new version with out this time-limitation very soon (within a few days).
Please have patience. The homepage will hopefully be up soon also.

Cheers / Sim, Cure & The Crew

yeah the time limit was kind of stupid

New version out, 0,85d, without time limit.

sorry - freeware with a time expiration was a first for me.