SamsungTSH-552U + Samsung DVD+R X8 Problem!

Hi there.
I’m desperate.
Just bought new Samsung TSH-552U. bought 10 DVD+R medias (Samsung).
Started nero 6, started a new DATA DVD Project, and burned about 4 GB.
burn completed ok. then it stuck at the verifing data process.

I can’t access the media. i’m inserting it to the drive, double clicking on the drive letter, and i’m told to insert a disk.
when i’m trying Nero CD-DVD Speed, i get this error message: " Invaild field in CDB (052400).
when i look at the media surface, i can see it is burned.
I used nero Disc Info, and this is what i see.

Someone help me please.

BTW, tried IsoBuster, just keep spining the DVD media with no results.
please help. this is the first media i burned with this DVDRW, the media is clean and new.
I don’t want to spend more media before i’ll know what cause the problem.

OK, just notice another problem.
when i insert the Samsung blank DVD+R media, windows recognize it as CD Drive.
Why is that?
and i updated the firware version to 06… nothing changed

one more thing. when i burned the X8 media, i chose to burn it at X4 speed…

ok, this burner just destroied my second media… :a :a :a
How can it be that Samsung DVD burner doesn’t supports Samsung DVD+R media??!!!
what do you say about TDK DVD+R/-R X8 media for Samsung TSH-552U?
what speed should i burn/???
please someone help me!!!

Do you have any packet writing software installed.

What you are experiencing is a software issue commonly caused by packet writing software, a partially working aspi layer, or a player/ region free software locking the drive.

Disable anydvd, uninstall all CD burner software except nero. Uninstall nero’s packet writing software, and disable any DVD player software utilities that startup with the computer.

And patience is a virtue. A forum is not necessarily full of contributing members at all times & it’s not uncommon for it to take several hours for a reply to your problem.\

We also need more information. What is your system, how is it setup & what CD/DVD software you have installed now and previously.

thanks for replying.
I have Alcohol 120% installed and DVD Cloner. might it cause the problem?

my system:
Samsung DVDRW TSH-552U (firware version US06)
Windows XP PRO (with no service pack installed)
P-III 450Mhz
Phoniex motherboard

I’m using only nero to burn stuff.

Doesn’t alcohol have an ability to hide certain properties about burnt media?

Might be a good idea to close it down while you check your DVD.
I’m not familiar with DVD cloner, but my guess is it would also check for the presence of DVD’s & attempt to remove the region protection, like most others. Also close/disable it.

but none of these programs are opened at all…
i’ll try it tomorrow, cuase i must return to the army now…
thank u all, if you have more ideas please post me.
what about medias for this DVDRW? which is good for that?

in Alcohol disable “Ignore Media Type” under Options/Emulation that is what debro meant and if the program is not running it can still be there in the background running.

“what about medias for this DVDRW? which is good for that?”

look here in the dvd writer section for media compatibility