Samsung's unusual defense in iPad patent case cites a Sci-Fi classic

Samsung’s unusual defense in iPad patent case cites a Sci-Fi classic.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Apple sparked a bitter legal fight with Samsung in April when it argued that the company's Galaxy Tab and several smartphones were "slavishly copied" from the iPad and iPhone. Not one to take such allegations lying down, Samsung counter-sued Apple. Then, Apple tried to legally bar Samsung from selling the purportedly infringing devices. It's all very Hatfield-McCoy, except with obscenely rich multinational companies. Samsung's latest move in the ongoing battle is to point out in a court filing that Apple's own iPad is reminiscent of a mini-computer featured in Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey."

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It’s not a patent, nor a patent violation.
Apple went nuts about 7 years ago and registered every conceivable design of a screen and button on a rectangular shaped slab and abused the "community design “ systém, which is the european unions attempt to make the patent systém accessible to the little guy.

These community designs are basic sketches, dimensionless, detail-less, featureless, and would cover every smartphone released in the last 10 years.

This is all about anti- competitive behaviour and taking down the biggest, closest competitor. The samsung galaxy tabs are a fantástic product, which rivals, and in some ways betters, the ipads.
The samsung galaxy tabs have garnered a large fan base, consisting mostly nerds in positions of purchasing influence.

Is have one of the original galaxy tabs, and the great thing is that it’s not an ipad.
It’s physically 1/2 the size, buy comparable resolution, resulting on higher density pixels & increased readability. Swype is freaking awsome, and makes typing on a virtual keyboard much easier. The back button makes get ting around the interface much quicker, surfing the internet easier.

Adding songs & movies is a much easier task, drag and drop, occasionally media won’t play, buy even 1080p plays ok on most cases.

Overall, I’d consider the interface of the samsung galaxy tabs on par with apple I-devices, ease of adding media significantly easier and media support orders of magnitude better than i-devices.

Apple should be worried, samsungs devices are as good as, if not superior, and smaller manufacturers are imitating, improving, on samsungs tabs.

Google is also incrementally improving android performance and features. Apple is under attack by a large part of the world, by a credible threat.

the patent system is so fucked it needs binning. Oh and fuck apple

It’s not the patent system … it’s the “Community Design” system.

[QUOTE=rexroach;2601295] Oh and fuck apple[/QUOTE]
I wouldn’t, literally.

Apple are metaphorically f*@#$ng themselves. Everyone who reads this stuff now knows that apple is in defensive mode, can’t compete in the product arena, and is resorting to dirty tactics.

Even blind harry could tell that the samsung stuff is different to the Apple gear … but the community report system doesn’t rely on physical devices and/or similarities, only sketches & doctored photo’s, but mostly on correctly filling out the “community design” breach/infringement form correctly.

Europe should have limited the registrant scope of the “Community Design” system to small companies & individuals, rather than large multinationals with permanent legal teams.

Samsung are using the equivalent of the Chewbacca defence.

Sheer brilliance.

[QUOTE=Anthony1uk;2601311]Samsung are using the equivalent of the Chewbacca defence.

Sheer brilliance.[/QUOTE]
Methinks that apple is using the ChewbaccaOffense …

Apple doesn’t have anything to worry about even with SJ as chairman instead of CEO. They are so far ahead of the competition because of so many factors that its ridiculous if you think about it. They will continue to innovate and release products that change the way the world works. Like it or not, if it weren’t for the iphone and iPad the mobile and portable computing world would be a different place. None of the copycat companies would have come up with these types of products or any kind of product eco-system. There would be no Android in the form it exists today and no Samsung Galaxy products. Maybe in name but they wouldn’t have had iOS to show them how its done.

This is an interesting read, he makes some good points:

With the demise of the TouchPad along with HP’s eagerness to abandon the consumer computing market completely, the market for non-iPad tablets isn’t looking good for the near future. Many believe what HP has done will have negative impact and repercussions for that market, and that they did what they did because they know the iPad will dominate for a long time. They threw in the towel and surrendered to the iPad.
For one, customers are now going to second guess any non-iPad tablet they might purchase now (as they should). Will it be supported and still be around in the near future or will it be another flop ? Many are projecting the tablet market will shape-up like the iPod market where the iPod dominated, even though it wasn’t the best sounding MP3 player.

Then you have Google buying Motorola. No matter what Google says I can’t see how that’s good for the other 3rd party Android device manufacturers. How can they even trust Google in the 1st place after the way they back-stabbed Apple ?

I believe Apple goes too far with the patents, I don’t like all the ridiculous patents but many of them are valid and there are a couple of strong reasons behind Apple’s. Apple was burned big time when they didn’t patent their intellectual properties in the past. I think their current patent claim about “slide to unlock” is silly and stupid and I hope Apple loses that one its a dangerous precedent.
But that aside, Samsung were well known to be a copycat company long before iPhones etc. existed. They don’t invent or innovate anything. Before they started making decent TV’s a few years ago they were a 3rd rate cheap electronics and components company that wished they were Sony.

iPad is the only tablet being adopted by Enterprises and one of the main reasons is Android is a huge Malware target while iOS is secure and malware free according to several security companies.

With the product and app eco-system they have built up, the gaming potential, AirPlay being adopted by all kinds of CE manufacturers, iPhone getting into China, cheap iPhone 4 coming… they are sitting pretty.

To say they can’t compete while they are leading the way and obliterating the competition is a JOKE.