Samsung's new camcorder offers slow-motion video

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Samsung has launched their newest high-def camcorder that takes high-resolution pictures and shoots slow-motion at 300 frames per second. In January the company already showcased the prototype of the…

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@ 300fps on an 8GB card even in 720P that’s not gonna give you much footage. Mind you it only needs to be very short scenes anyhow I guess.

wont’ be long before this becomes the Homer Simpson “star wipe” effect and everyone will be sick of it. How many times will people really use THAT feature?

Can’t wait to film me and the missus at 300fps. That’s why that feature was invented, right? :slight_smile:

-=Can’t wait to film me and the missus at 300fps.=- That’s Halarious!!!

Either you are very fast or very small (hamster). There will be zoom shots right?

I drink a lot of Red Bull, so I’m very fast in bed. Not Superman fast, but still pretty fast. :stuck_out_tongue: