Samsung's HD DVD/Blu-ray player now shipping to stores

I just posted the article Samsung’s HD DVD/Blu-ray player now shipping to stores.

Samsung’s hybrid Blu-ray & HD DVD player, the BDP-UP5000, has already begun shipping to retail stores, going by what a spokesman said to Dealerscope in this report. Up until now, there…

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I await the reaction…what will be the complaint now…the price?

Expensive enough to keep the format war going. Not a complaint, a fact. I can buy a PS3 or standalone BR player, and a HD DVD player for $200 less ! Or throw in a 2nd HD DVD player for the bedroom for the same price… :wink:

Even if the player catches on, how many consumers are going to want to fork over the dough for the price of HD-DVD and Blu-ray titles? When I saw what one lousy season of one show was at DVD price vs. HD-DVD, the HD-DVD was easily 4x higher. No thank you! I imagine that will be many consumer’s reaction–unless and until Blu-ray and HD-DVD titles come down in price to within a reasonable margin as an ‘upgrade’ from DVD. Until that time, I wouldn’t count on people going ape to pay 4x the price for what they could buy the DVD for and just buy a player that plays the DVD in near HD quality.

yah but now that people know HD format is out there, who is going to buying the dvd when they know they’ll probably want to buy the HD version within the next few years. Could backfire for the movie companies, people start stalling on buying dvd’s while they wait for the HD war to calm down.

I’ll just add another nail to the coffin of at least me buying HD-DVD: the Bourne Ultimatium for $34.99 @ Walmart? Way too much money, even for that title.