Samsung zero dead pixel guarantee on LCD monitors

Samsung Guarantees Zero Defective Pixels in LCD Monitors

Samsung Electronics announced Thursday that from Jan. 1, customers who discover defective pixels on an LCD monitor produced by the company less than six months after its purchase may have the panel replaced free of charge.
An LCD monitor is made up of hundreds of thousands of tiny pixels. Manufacturers have classified products with 10 or less defective pixels as “normal” and refused to repair or exchange them, which led to complaints from customers. Samsung added, however, that the free exchanges do not apply to customers who purchased their LCD monitors before Jan. 1.

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and this is only for consumers located in south korea (according to slashdot)

Damn! :frowning: Well at least it’s a start. Thanks for the info! I was hoping they had perfected the process to the point where they were producing units that would no longer have dead pixels. But, this makes more sense.

I also thought it was a South Korean policy. It’s been widely posted in South Korea about the Samsung’s zero-defect policy.

Please don’t forget Samsung price in South Korea is so high that such a policy is just like the 8MB in a Plextor ODD. :slight_smile: In South Korea, even the very small LCD monitor manufacturers often replaced monitors with a dead pixel with perfect ones for years. Samsung just made it official for brand image. The price of Samsung 19-inch LCD was something like US$1,300 in late 2002, more than 2x more than a Hyundai or Daewoo 18-inch LCD.