Samsung x52 model SC-152CE "flashing error"


I recently downloaded the latest firmware for my drive (Samsung x52 model SC-152CE) and it came with the flash utility mtkFlash by Joseph ver 1.08 ,whenever it try to write or read to the cdrom i get the error message “Unknown Flash Memory” and the write fails

i also tried ver 1.09 and 1.48 of mtkflash same erro message.

The driver is currently set to secondary slave.

It’s likely that mtkflash doesn’t support programming the eeprom chip in your Samsung drive, although it’s strange for it to come with the firmware if it cannot be used with the drive the firmware is designed for.

Here’s Samsung’s official firmware update page. I downloaded a firmware update for my Samsung sw408B a while back and it uses its own Windows based flash utility and not mtkflash. I downloaded the firmware they have for your drive model and it must be put on a disk and installed in the MS-DOS mode, i.e. using a boot disk. Their firmware updater uses their own flash utility ‘f1198.exe’ and this utility is called with the appropriate parameters by running the batch file CS05.bat.

‘f1198.exe’ is MTKflash 1.06 and it shows the same erro message