Samsung Writemaster HEEEEEEEEEELP!

So i bought a Writemaster SE-S184M today to replace my crappy internal that dell ships with. It worked great for about 3 discs (dvds) and then I started having issues. It started when I tried to burn a CDR in ITunes. I had a blank disc in there and it kept opening the tray and telling me to put in a blank disc. I finally got it to burn and then went back to burning DVDs. Now i can put a blank disc in and nothing happens. It doesnt see it. After an hour of playing with it and managing to burn 3 dvds, I then tried to put the disc that came with it into the drive and it wouldnt read it either! I have been looking for a driver to install to replace the 2006 MS driver thats on there now. Can’t find it. I run Vista Ultimate 32bit, and it installed the drive as a SH-S182M. Can’t find that driver either. I updated the firmware to sb04.

Any ideas???

Try to reboot without the drive. It might be vista playing dumb with your burner. Why didn’t you buy an Internal drive? They’re cheaper, but a little bit messier to install on a dell machine.

iTunes might have something to do with this as well, I’ve heard of a lot burning/disc problems related to it.

Easterbunny posted something related to it, with a link, but I can’t find the post right now. You could do a forum search. :slight_smile:

It’s a laptop

I figured it out. Unload the ITunesHelper service and it works like a champ.

That’s a good first step. Get rid of all the iTunes stuff and you should be golden. It may even unstick that pesky ‘E’ key as in the word ‘HEEEEEEEEEELP’…:flower: