Samsung W08A vs. Pioneer DVR-108

This isn’t a problem, per se, but I’d appreciate any insight regarding this issue and what causes it.

I’ve got a Pioneer DVR-108 fm1.14 and a Samsung SH-W08A fm1S31.

I did an experiment using the same ISO image and the same media. The ISO image is 4.6 GB, so it should take up most the DVD.

1.) When I burn this image using the Pioneer, when you look at the DVD surface you can tell the burn took up most of the DVD.

2.) When I burn the same image with the Samsung, when you look at the DVD surface the burn took up only half the DVD.


Both DVD’s play fine in my stand-alone player.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? It kind of appears like the Samsung is compressing the image even more but this isn’t possible is it?? I’d rather the Samsung use all the DVD space provided as I dont’ want the quality to suffer.

I use DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink to do all my backups. Thanks for any suggestions, ideas, insight on this!

Got a reply that makes a lot of sense…