Samsung Vs LG DVD ROM- Which IS BEtter?

hey im living in australia, i think my liteon DVD has just died on me and found some great prices on dvd ROMS, the only problem is that i’ve found a samsung and an LG at the same price as eachother, this is all the info i have at the moment tho:

Samsung 16x DVD ROM Kit Free DVD Software

LG 16x DVD ROM Kit Free DVD Software

both are AU$35 (thats pretty damn cheap) - so what do you guys reccmeond? im thinking of getting a DVD burner with one of these too- should i get a combo DVD rom cd-burner and a DVD burner - or stick to my original plan and get a DVD rom and a DVD burner?

–sorry if im asking abvious questions, im kinda noobish :confused:

Your dvd burner will record cds anyway. I would go for samsung but thats only coz i have absolutely no experience of LG drives. Ideally you would need to find out the model numbers

humm ok i’ll have to get back to you when i get the model numbers then, i can see how it would be pretty useless without them.
but for now does either one have an advantege? eg - having the ability to be firmware updated etc…?