Samsung V25 / NEC AD-5540A Not Detected


I bought a new DVD drive to replace my broken TS-L462 on Monday and am having trouble getting it to work within Windows XP. The only way ive been able to succeed so far is to boot with the old drive in, swap them over once Windows has loaded, then scan for new hardware in device manager. Once this is done the drive works perfectly and wrote a CD without any problems.

My laptop is a Samsung v25 and the drive in an NEC/Optiarc AD-5540A. I have searched several forums and it seems like im not the only one having this problem. I thought it may be an error with the drive but writing the CD got rid of those worries. Ive read a lot about setting the drive to use a secondary IDE drive, and also cable select but im not sure how to modify any of this.

Ive looked through the BIOS settings and have tried setting the drive to be the secondary master (both as “Auto” and “CD-Rom/DVD”) and neither of these have worked.

I hope there is an answer somewhere because constantly switching the drives over is making me pull my hair out! Any help will be much appreciated!

Are there no ideas at all? :sad: :sad:


I discovered the same problem on my samsung V30 earlier today, and thanks to your thread, I have fixed it.

The BIOS wouldn’t recognise my new AD5540, but would still replace my old faulty samsung drive, so I did your trick and swapped them over once XP was up and running.

Now that I had the 5540 working, I could take a copy of drive’s flash image using binflash (just in case, was 1.36), then reflash it to reverse ATA (slave), using the tools available here

When you restart your laptop, dive in to the BIOS settings to see if the secondary master is showing as CD/DVD ROM - if it is, then you have cracked it, otherwise make sure you have the secondary master set to AUTO and reboot in to the BIOS again.

Worked for me anyway - thanks guys. I was almost considering reflashing my BIOS before stumbling across your thread.

Whoa thank you very much :smiley:

This worked a charm, I wasnt expecting to ever get it to work but your tips got the drive going in about 10 minutes! Excellent xmas present!


Could you please upload this 1.36 firmware to me? Thanks!

I think “bluespitty” was referring to the version of binflash used to dump the firmware :confused:

Oops. Just ignore everything I said then :o