Samsung v20 laptop doesn't recognise DVD RW drive

I have an old samsung V20 laptop and have tried installing a new multi burner. In fact I have tried 2 different dvd rw drives.

The original cdrw/dvd drive works everytime I put it in this laptop. Where as the newer dvdrw drives don’t show up ever.

Nothing is shown in the bios and if I try to change the bios settings to designate the ide channel as dvd/cd drive then save the settings upon exit, the changes have disappeared upon next reboot!!

Is this down to the laptop bios needing an update to recognise the newer dvd rw drives over the original cdrw/dvd rom drive?

ANy suggestions on this would be good.

Cheers :eek::eek:


it is not impossible that the new drive has another internal Master/Slave setting as the old one.
In case you are running Windows XP, the easiest way to find out would be the old Nero Info Tool 4.03.


think you might be onto something there. This laptop is circa 2003/04 though, i am surprised that it is having these issues with drives.
I am going to try a load of different drives from my local repair shops box of pulled dvd rws - surely an older drive should pop up in the bios.
If not think I will try bridging the csel pins and see if that works.

Thanks for the pointer.