Samsung unveils new Flash tech. for up to 128GB on a chip

I just posted the article Samsung unveils new Flash tech. for up to 128GB on a chip.

Samsung Electronics has unveiled what its claims to be the world’s first 30nm 64Gb multi level cell NAND Flash memory chip, in which up to 16 of these cells can be combined to make a 128GB memory…

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so,do me a nice C drive wih one or to of these babies :g

The random access data transfer rates with flash are still pretty bad compared to regular IDE/SATA hard drives.

Other way man! Random access with flash is super-fast as there’s no seek latency - it’s almost like RAM - it reads each cell directly and so has no problems keeping up with random access. Hard disks however, are appalling! Writing to flash is slow - that’s one of the criticisms - and in order to solve it you need to pipeline the chips together - it’s almost like "RAID"ing them together - now I wonder what happens when one decides to give up … lol … At the rate I see some of my flash cards/devices going - I’m not sure I’d want a C drive made of that anyway. Nevermind the cost.