Samsung unveils low energy 1TB HDD for AV use

I just posted the article Samsung unveils low energy 1TB HDD for AV use.

With the growing number of set-top boxes and surveillance systems using hard disks that usually run 24/7, the growing problem with these is their energy usage, particularly at a time when we are…

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Excellent. I’ll need a drive like this when it comes time to build my HTPC. Since I’m going to be putting Blu-ray rips on it, I’ll need a 1 TB drive. Bonus that it uses half the power and is only 5400 RPM. That will help with heat, sound, and my electricity bill. No mention of price. I hope I don’t get ass-raped. I got enough of that in prison. FYI, never illegally pick flowers in Starkville, Mississippi. :slight_smile:
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