Samsung TVs get faster HDMI switching



I just posted the article Samsung TVs get faster HDMI switching.

Can’t deal with the seconds of lag that occur when switching between HDMI signals on your television? Samsung’s got an answer.

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My TV takes a fraction of a second to pull up the list of connected devices (a few HDMI devices), and about 3 seconds to sync once you selct a HDMI device … it doesn’t wait 7 seconds per device while you’re polling your HDMI ports. At any rate, my TV can assign either a predetermined, or a custom NAME to each input, so I don’t need to poll each input to work out which device I’m watching.

If my TV took 7 seconds to sync, and I had to synch to every device to figure out which device was which every time I switched, I’d scream blue murder :stuck_out_tongue:

Most TV’s have 2, 3 or 4 HDMI inputs, and a few component/composite/other crappy non-digital signal inputs?

A good thing nonetheless.

A great thing would just to piss off HDCP altogether, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon, is it?


And what happens if none of your connected devices will correctly support this faster handshaking?


Somehow, I expect that this “smart chip” engages the HDCP & handshaking when the TV is first turned on, and continues communicating at all times (I wonder how this effects your power bill??) so that switching appears practically seamless.

Just like electronic PC KVM switches, rather than ye-olde mechanical switches.

I’m surprised that TV manufacturers didn’t think of this in the first place …


Sigh, another example of DRM causing issues for the masses.


I, for one, am considering using a stopwatch to time how long I spend watching stupid anti-piracy ads on blurays/DVD’s, and note how often I change to a HDMI device and have to wait.

At the end of the year, I should tally it up, and then charge it back to the MPAA for 2.5x my work consultant charge out rate. I think it’s fair, I work 5 days, and get 2 days off … makes my time 2.5x more precious than my work rate, due to the principle of supply and demand.

If everyone tallied up their wasted time, and sent a bill to the MPAA, then methinks the MPAA might change their tune in consideration of wasting everyones time.

The problem with today, is too much time wasting :iagree:
Just call tech support for … well … anything … especially when it’s obviously a product fault …