Samsung TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-W162C ATA Device not recognised in Vista

hi guys,

first post here…but ive just put in Vista Ultimate into my system, everything seems to be fine, except the OS wont recognise my DVD writer. Ive tried looking at the ends of the earth for a driver and let Vista search one for me, but no luck. Any help is appreciated, as i will be leaving australia for a lonnng trip to canada and the US. and need to upload some cds onto my ipod.

cheers lads.

Dennis. :Z

there is no special driver required

what did you install?

older version of alcohol?
older version of daemon tools?
older version of nero?
older version of anydvd?

run this

if that helps, be aware that what ever software you installed that caused this, could stop working. and if you reintall that old software again, problem will return.

also check what is in your driver tab for the drive.