Samsung/TSST burner doesn't see DVDRW (but sees everything else)



As the title says, I have a SH-162L internal burner which has gradually lost the ability to see rewritable DVDs. First it’d occasionally refuse to see a disc, then it got to the point where I had to reload the disc several times before it’d eventually see it and burn data on it. Now, it doesn’t see them at all.
I insert the disc, the light blinks a bit, then it stops doing anything and the software reports “no media present”.

I’ve tried several brands of disc, and I’ve tried connecting it via a USB2.0 cable (with which it’d worked previously) to my Linux notebook; nothing seems to work.

Strangest thing is, it burns everything else with no trouble at all. CDs, CDRWs and DVDs all work flawlessly.

This is extremely annoying, since I have some two dozen rewritable DVDs I can’t use anymore.

Is there any way to make it behave?



I think that the issue is not related to the drive, but to the media itself.

You can try to use a different drive to do a FULL erase of these discs, maybe your samsung will be able to recognize them again.

many times, a full erase done with ImgBurn proved to be a remedy for this situation. Paradoxically, a full erase done with a different software seems useless to recover a disc :confused:


Rewriteable DVD media have different optical properties than other discs. I think, it’s not impossible that the lens has difficulties either due to dust (see if cleaning helps) or the drive is starting to die.



If the drive is dying I’ll be mightily pissed. I’ve had it for a while, but it hasn’t even burned two hundred discs.

And it seems I spoke too soon; I’ve been trying to get it to burn a DVD+R, of a brand that it’s burned hundreds of times before, and it has trouble recognizing it.

sigh I’ll try cleaning the lens, but I have little hope.