Samsung TS-L532M only burns at 4X!

Ok, just got an HP-DV5030 laptop with this drive in it. It is rated at 8X DVD-R/+R and Nero and Sonic are only offering me 4X on this drive. I am using Fuji media rated at 16X. Firmware is at H08. Any ideas as to the deviation from spec? HP techs are absolute morons telling me it burns at 4X ignoring the specifications they print on their own box!

You should try different media.
Please find the list of recommended media at

I have this drive in my HP laptop and it is pure garbage.

It is not your drive. It is your media. I have gone through this whole mess last week. Got the drive changed from sony to nec, same problem.
Never occured to me that fuji 16xmedia was crap. But it is. It is pure crap.

Would changing my media to something on that list decrease encoding times because those have been drastically skewed for me. In the realm of 2 hours for one DVD.

o Yeah. I scr… about 40 different dvds trying different kinds of them, different speeds, different burning applications. onlu one was completely good recorded. it was BenQ but that was all, another Benqs seemed to be unwriten