Samsung TS-L532M firmware?



This drive needs help. What can I do about the Firmware on it? Is there an upgrade or modded firmware? Firmware that is currently on it is “HR08”.

It is the drive that came in the HP Pavillion dv5035nr laptop I just bought. I get unreadable discs using cmc mag e01 & mcc003. I have not tried my TY yet. I’m sure they will be good, but I still need to use my other discs as well. I only use my TY for my good stuff.


For the Toshiba branded (SD-R6572M) one only!


Do you know if there are any differences in the firmware? Will me changed the firmware to the Toshiba SD-R6572M change my drive name and can it damage it?


I don´t have any info on the TSST firmware. So I can´t say what are the differences.

Crossflashing is possible, but will change your TS-L532M to a Toshiba SD-R6572M


How do I do the crossflash?


First of all, we need to know if you drive need CSEL or inverse CSEL firmware.
Can you please post a NeroInfoTool screen shot (configuration tab)?

ero InfoTool 3.02

Interface Information
Adapter 1
Description           : Primary IDE Channel

Description           : system32\DRIVERS\atapi.sys
Company               : n/a
Version               : n/a
Description           : n/a

Attached Devices
Description           : Master: TOSHIBA MK8032GAX
Type                  : Disk Drive
DMA                   : On

Adapter 2
Description           : Secondary IDE Channel

Description           : system32\DRIVERS\atapi.sys
Company               : n/a
Version               : n/a
Description           : n/a

Attached Devices
Description           : Master: TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L532M
Type                  : CD-Rom Drive
DMA                   : On
Autorun               : On

Hardware Information
CPU                  :  Turion 64 2200 MHz
Bus Speed            :  0 MHz
Motherboard          :  Hewlett-Packard 30A4
System               :  Hewlett-Packard Pavilion dv5000 (EP414UA#ABA)     
BIOS                 :  Hewlett-Packard F.33
Memory               : 1022 MB
Sound                : Conexant AMC Audio
Video                : ATI MOBILITY RADEON Xpress 200 Series  

Since I have a secondary IDE channel what drives can I swap in its place?


You can use any drive!

Your can crossflash your drive with TR05or XR05 from using Twinfwup2.exe


I will try this later tonight when I get home. Cause I really hate my drive.


I guess basically all I would like to know is how to get the inverse CSEL firmware for the TS-L532M so the Toshiba Laptop bios will recognize this drive as it did with the factory drive.


hi guys, I have a HP Pavilion zd8000, and a Tsst Ts-L532M dvd burnder. It is also +/- DL, and I bought DVD RAM, and it doesn’t work. Do I need a special driver, or my drive can’t handle this dvds ???



DVD-RAM isn´t supported by the Toshiba SDR6572M/TSSTcorp TS-L532M


It also had a DVD-RAM logo on it’s front bezel if it would support it.


Hi I am Italian and do not speak well the english language.I have the TSST corp CD/DVDW TS-L532M firmware T105.I can have a new and one recent firmware?


Hi, I too have a TssTCorp TS-L532M (firmware HR04) in my HP Pavilion zd8000. I’ve been having lots of trouble burning DVD+R DL media (even using Verbatims) and I’m willing to try crossflashing my drive – but I know that would void my warranty and I wonder if it would be better to just get a replacement drive (though that might be a hassle and will certainly take time).

How do you tell if it can be crossflashed with TR05 or TU05?

This is a screenshot of my drive info in DVDInfoPro:



You better leave the crossflashing idea.




Why, because it might damage my drive? Is that very likely to happen?

Anyway, HP’s going to send me a replacement drive, so hopefully that will work better. I wonder if they’re going to send me the exact same drive.



Because your drive will be useless afterwards.


Why did TOSHIBAer recommend it then?